How to watch the new Hetalia as it comes out!

You want to see the new Hetalia episodes right away, without waiting for a stream? I figured out how~!

Okay, for this tutorial you’re going to need Google Chrome, because the extensions you’ll be using are both for Chrome.

First, add User Agent Switcher to Chrome. This lets you make websites think you’re on another browser. (If you pick IE10, you’ll get the old tumblr back, btw.)

Then, add GeoProxy to Chrome. This lets you fool sites into thinking you’re somewhere else in the world!

Click the User Agent Switcher icon and click ‘Android Handset (Droid 2)’. This may work with iPhone or any other phone thing, but I tested it with Android Handset and it works.

When you have that set, go to the GeoProxy icon, click it, and from the dropdown list select ‘Japan’. It’s not particularly important which proxy you use, so just click a random one and you’re good to go.

Now, the last part! Go to this link. Make sure you have both of the above set, or I don’t think it’ll work. See how right now you can click the ‘第1話’? That’s because that leads to a page where you can watch the first episode! I believe this’ll work for all of the episodes, too~ I’m not entirely sure of the dates/times when they come out, but Episode 1 came out at 4pm on the 25th in Japan, so I assume Episode 2 will come out around a similar time on the 1st of Feb.

Once you’re done watching the episode, remember to turn the proxy off and set User Agent Switcher back to default. Proxies may record sensitive information (e.g. your passwords) if you use them whilst logging into places.

(Proxies are usually used for accessing Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr at school, so you’ll want to remember that when you’re typing in your password.)

Please note I haven’t tested this yet as we’ve only had one episode released so far and I didn’t know of these apps before then - but it should work!